Please keep the following in mind as you practice filing program forms:
1. On this site, the filing window opens on July 1 and closes on the following June 30 to allow the FCC Form 471 to be available all year.
2. Forms filed on this site will not be reviewed by USAC.
3. All external hyperlinks on this site have been disabled.
4. You must use BEN 145909 (APPLICANT) in Block 1 of a program form to be able to certify that form on this site.
5. You must use the list of FY2012 FRNs to file an FCC Form 486 on this site. All FCC Forms 486 filed on this site are deleted at the end of each day to allow these FRNs to be used again.
If you have any questions, refer to the Training Site Instructions.

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